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Joining the EIA brings you access to a range of services, projects and people that are leading sustainable change in investment and finance. Membership of the EIA is open to all financial adviser members of UKSIF as a forum for acquiring and sharing knowledge about green and ethical investment.

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UKSIF online training course

The Online Training Course for Financial Advisers was developed in 2006. While some of the specifics may be outdated, we think it still remains a useful tool for financial advisers who want an introduction to ethical investments.

Click here to download a full PDF of the training course.


Additional Resources

The Ethical Fund Database

Available from Ethical Screening (, this free online directory of ethical funds allows you to search available funds according to ethical criteria.

Handbook of Personal Wealth Management

Former UKSIF Chief Executive Penny Shepherd contributed a chapter entitled ‘Sustainable and Responsible Investing’ to the ‘Handbook of Personal Wealth Management’ book published by Kogan Page and endorsed by the Institute of Directors. Read the chapter here: Sustainable and Responsible Investing.pdf

A free SRI hub for financial advisers.  The site includes generic SRI information for those new to this market, support with advising on SRI options, a fund database tool and a blog.

The Fund EcoMarket database and the StyleFinder adviser tools are available via the site:

Rayner Spencer Mills/sriServices ‘Adviser Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investing’

The Guide ( offers an introduction to the SRI market,  a suggested SRI advice process and an introduction to SRI Styles. It concludes with a Rayner Spencer Mills SRI fund list classified according to sriServices Styles system.

EIRIS’s ethical money website and ethical fund directory

EIRIS’s website,, provides independent information on green and ethical finance including a free fund selection tool providing detailed information on nearly all of the green and ethical funds on the market.

Blue & Green Investor

Blue & Green Investor’s website,, is a free resource to UK investors and advisers providing information on ethical, SRI, ESG and environmental funds.

‘The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2014’ from Blue & Green Tomorrow

The Guide, available to download here, covers a brief history of ethical investment and some of the strategies which sustainable investment involves and includes commentary and opinions from a variety of industry experts.

The European SRI Transparency Code

The Code, , aims to make clear the principles and processes of specific SRI funds.