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Code of Conduct

  • I/We undertake, at all times to act with integrity and conduct my/our business to a high professional standard.

  • I/We undertake to fulfil the financial planning needs of my/our clients to the best of my/our ability and, where appropriate, co-operate with others whose services are related to meeting the needs of my/our clients.

  • I/We undertake to ensure that I/we continually improve my/our knowledge with particular emphasis on green and ethical investment.

  • I/We undertake to avoid any action likely to knowingly prejudice the financial well being of my/our clients.

  • I/We undertake to present accurately and honestly all the facts essential to my/our clients’ decisions.

  • Corporate members –we agree to provide the Steering Group, on request, with a copy of our standard Fact Find and the separate ethical questionnaire.