15 June 2016

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  • UK targets a boom in hydrogen-powered cars- a clean transport option for the UK

    5 February 2013

    The number of hydrogen-powered vehicles is projected to reach 1.6M by 2030 with a possible market share of 30-50 per cent by 2050 according to a joint Government and industry report published this week (04/02/2013).

    The report published by UKH2Mobility is part of a Government effort to create a plan for introducing hydrogen powered vehicles and refuelling infrastructure in the UK from 2015.

    Although the technology has been in development for a considerable period of time, going all the way back to GMs launch of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the late 1960s there has been considerable recent innovation as both Hyundai and Toyota have hydrogen powered cars ready for launch in 2015.

    What is hydrogen?

    It’s everywhere and can be produced by process known as electrolysis- where an electrical current is passed through water.

    Can hydrogen fuel cell vehicles make long journeys without the need for frequent refuelling?

    Provided they have hydrogen in their tank, fuel-cell vehicles can travel similar distances to combustion-engine ones before refuelling.

    How soon will I see a fuel-cell vehicle on the roads?

    Hyundai is in negotiation with UK fleet operators to lease a fuel-cell version of its ix35 sport utility vehicle. It could happen this year.

    The reason for this investment into hydrogen power is that the combustion process releases only water and small amounts of nitrogen dioxide- and the overall process is much more energy efficient than diesel or petrol engines.

    John Ditchfield
    Co-Chair, EIA Steering Group

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