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  • Being an active investor – why, and how?

    7 March 2013

    Ownership Day on 12th March 2013 is a new annual event from UKSIF (UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association), highlighting the benefits of being an active investor, and the many different ways investors can go about it. In support of this, there will be a free webinar discussion on 14th March from 2 – 3pm, between the chief executives of UKSIF (Penny Shepherd) and of EIRIS (Peter Webster).

    EIRIS is an independent, not-for-profit research organisation, specialising in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of approx. 3,000 stock market listed companies worldwide. It researches over 100 ESG criteria, and its reports are used by many funds in the UK as a filter for eliminating companies from their “investable” list.

    The size of assets invested with an element of active ownership in the UK is estimated by UKSIF at £825 billion. The webinar discussion will cover the rationale for active ownership, existing best practice and next steps in developing it.

    Professional investors Generation Investment Management estimated in 2012 that the average mutual fund buys and sells out of 100% of the investments every 7 months; compared to every 7 years two decades ago[1]. This increases the costs for retail investors in the funds (in turn, reducing their returns) and undermines the stability of markets as a whole. Ownership Day is one of UKSIF’s responses to the Kay Review of Equity Markets and Long-term Decision Making, which was established in 2012 by Parliament.

    Want to learn more? Join the interview to hear more about active

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    ownership and what the investment management industry can do in the next five years to make long term ownership the norm.

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    Tanya Pein (co-Chair of the Ethical Investment Association), writing in a personal capacity.

    Investment specialist, advising charities and individuals, at In2 Consulting


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